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So right now I am sitting in my computer class in school. I was unsure of what I should do, so I decided upon writing a blog post. I am debating whether I should finally type up my “Hey Jude” letter/post. But I am still feeling iffy about it. Tonight I am going to my best friend’s house for a study session type thing. But I am not going to have that much homework so I am bringing some of my projects over to work on. Such as studying french, and such as creating a finished draft of my “Hey Jude” letter. I am worried about how that letter will turn out just a bit, and what I mean by turn out is how I will feel after typing it up and releasing it to the world. Currently I am using last.fm for music because I cannot use my ipod and I am never sure what I would like to play. I am playing my recommended playlist. I love the mix so far. I disabled my facebook for a little while… but I am not sure if that was a good idea. I will probably reactivate it at lunch or something. I can currently leave early at lunch, but today I have a student council meeting. Now this post has taken a turn towards boring. I have had so much I have been thinking about lately… so much going through my mind. But I have songs that help relive those thoughts… and I am not listening to my ipod so therefore I do not have a key to those thoughts. I am now thinking I should start a section on this blog about my dreams. It would be a section where I describe and share my dreams. By dreams I mean my goals, aspirations, daydreams, and dreams I have in my sleep. Additionally I would ┬áhave things I hope to achieve. Maybe right now I should write about my regret with that certain guy… which I hope I will get over soon. I just cannot shake it still. I feel really jumpy right now for some strange reason. Maybe I will write a valentine’s day post. That is what I will do.


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So I have been away in dreamland for a while and now it is time for me to come back to reality. It is a hard journey but me blogging and reflecting on my life is a start. I think at least. I have been obsessed, and by obsessed I mean I have constantly been daydreaming. I am like addicted. I am so unhappy with how my life has turned out that I escape into a dreamland where everything can be fixed. I am like 45 pounds overweight, and I am not a happy camper about that. I start going back to the gym again tomorrow. Well I started going last year at the end of 2010 and I have been going twice a week. But now I need to bump it up from starting to go three times a week to now soon everyday. I am also starting this diet from this book my mom just got its called the “17 Day Diet” or something like that. I start tomorrow. Something new in my life is I can leave school early now. It is great not having to stay in that place. So basically I am just changing everywhere. I have changed my mindset, I am changing my eating habits, I have changed my schedule, I am changing my exercise schedule additionally. I am really excited. I forgot to mention that I am most likely going to France this summer to study in Paris at the Sorbonne. I am really excited about that. I hope I lose my 45+ pounds before I go. My goal is to be 118 pounds. Another thing I have changed is my style, clothing style. I started this project, I print out articles of clothing that appeal to me or items that I like or love and I glue them into this sketchbook I got. I call the sketchbook “my lookbook.” I love this hands on project I started. Its better than polyvore to me.. actually I am not sure if its better but it feels more personal to me. I also put purple hair dye in my hair… my hair is already dark but I have a few light pieces that I wanted to turn purplish. So that way in the sunlight my hair would glint a purple tint instead of a reddish tint. Sometimes you can see the purple, most times you cannot but I love it when I do see it.

So Valentine’s Day is coming up… and once again I do not have a valentine. If I had things my way I would spend the day in bed watching Sex and the City episodes all day. Additionally I would drink champagne and eat sushi. Another option would be to watch Weeds all day. Because I would probably get even more depressed watching Sex and the City. And a problem would be.. I would probably end up really drunk because I would decide Champagne is not good enough and I would end up with some Jack or Absolut. God look at me I am an alcoholic in the making… Maybe since I have changed I will stick to what I am suppose to do… which is go to school. Once school is over I will probably go crash a course for my college class I will be taking if I crash correctly. and then go home and order sushi from my favorite sushi restaurant and then do my homework. Lastly I would end the day crying or watching weeds or watching SATC.

By far I think this has been one of my worst posts as of today. I feel frantic and all over the place right now. I feel very frrjasklfja;ga.


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