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Pumped Up Kicks

I am just in love with this song. It makes me want to fast forward to a time in the future where I will be at the beach with friends around a campfire. This song makes me soo happy. I know the lyrics to this song is not too pleasing. But it sounds really nice. The vocals with the surfer type of instrumentals.┬áToday I went to see an astrologist. I am very pleased about my future. I am really looking forward to it. Now I feel like I have some instructions to what I need in life. Now I just need to make my tool belt stronger. I just cannot wait for the future I am so over the present right now. I want to widen my horizons but I feel like something is stopping me from doing that right now. Tomorrow is my birthday. I picked up a beautiful cake. I take picture of it and post them tomorrow. My cake is black, white, and tiffany blue. Its so pretty. Its going to be tasty too. I think I just realized why I chose this song for my title… besides the reason that its the song on replay for me right now. But the title kind of fits how I am thinking. I am “pumped” for the future and I just wish I could run to it right now. I am excited about the preparation, but I feel as if its going to feel like it will take forever. But I start tomorrow, I start preparing for my future tomorrow. I cannot believe it has been 18 years. It was just yesterday I was so young. Time really does fly.


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