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So currently I am sitting in the computer lab, at school. I should be in my study hall but I do not have any work so I asked my teacher if I could go to the lab to work on something. This is the something I am working on.  I do not have any music playing, but there are kids talking in the background, of this room. I have no mandatory work to work on, but there is work I have the option of working on. Its friday though and I do not feel like doing any work today. Blogging is not work to me, it is many things that are positive. It helps me release and get in touch with my inner feelings/emotions. It helps me express myself in words. I seem to have trouble sometimes figuring out my emotions towards things, such as: novels, stories etc… I have no problem expressing how I feel in a blog. But who does not have a problem expressing themselves in writing. I want to aim toward a question as a topic one day. Not today because I have no clue what question I wold use as my topic to write about. But another day I will do so. Before starting this post I was debating whether I should practice for my permit test on tuesday next week. But I felt this was more exciting and worthy of my time. I have not posted in a while, so this was a priority over studying.

Next week I am going to see LADY GAGA. I am really excited. I have been trying to figure out what I am going to wear. I hope I get paid this weekend, maybe I will go out and get a shirt or a dress to wear. I am definitely going to wear my Dolce Vita platform heels though. I love those, I just have not found an occasion to wear them. But, maybe I should practice this weekend wearing them. After all they are 5 1/2 inches. I am really excited about going, not just to see Lady Gaga but to see my best friend Abby. I miss her soo much, it is always great to see her when she is home.

Back to heels, there is a pair of heels I am dying to get. It is the Jeffrey Campbell Lita. I almost bought a pair with my birthday money since they were restocked at Solestruck. If you click the link it will take you to the shoe I want to get. Sadly they are now out of my size. I should have gotten them when I could have.

The past few weeks I have lost weight. I lost about 6 pounds, but last night I weight 5 pounds more. So I am afraid I have gained it. I go to the gym tonight. I am kind of starting to like going to the gym more often. I am trying to go on my own more. I only went once this week on my own. Tonight I will be training with my trainer. But I will go tomorrow morning with my mom, and hopefully Sunday morning with my mom. If not I will try to go alone. I hope I lose all my weight before my trip, I am willing to do whatever it takes except for doing things that would start an eating disorder. Once I lose my weight I plan to get all new clothes, so I have clothes that fit and so I can be my fashionable self. 🙂

I have not told that many people about my acceptance into my study abroad program. I have only told my school therapist, my dean, my school college counselor, and my family. I have not told any friends at all. But I will be in Paris this summer studying abroad at the Sorbonne. I am very excited, and very thankful that I will have this experience. I am going barely knowing the language, actually less than barely knowing the language. I only know how to say hello, goodbye, what is your name, I would like…,  and how are you. But I can read a few words, and some verbs. But I am not sufficient enough to get around alone. I hope I will meet a friend who will be kind enough to help me. But I will be studying French at the Sorbonne and I will receive college credit if I go to all my classes. I am really excited about going to Paris, France this summer, and I am really excited about meeting new people and making new friends. I really need some new friends in my life. Hopefully some people will live somewhat near me, so I can see them during the year after the trip.

When I return from Paris, I will be attending a community college somewhat near my house. I plan to study there all year long, so I will be able to transfer after two years. I do not plan to stay at the community college longer than two years. I do not want to study for over 2 years at a community college. After that I would love to transfer into a university/college. Today I want to major in: psychology, and premedicine. I am planning on becoming a psychiatrist. But, thats right now in this moment. In the next few minutes I may change and have trouble deciding between therapist, psychiatrist, general practitioner, and lawyer.

(I wrote this on a Friday, but posted it on a Saturday.)


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