Untitled 3 (Blackberry Edition)

So right now I am stuck at school. I am stuck in the main office waiting to get picked up. My mother never picks up her cell phone. It is always off it seems. It seems to always go straight to voicemail. It is soo annoying. I am sick and tired of her not picking up her phone. It makes me wonder why she has one. I know why she has one, but I don’t know what the point is if I talk to her voicemail more than her on the phone. I’m still waiting in this somewhat quiet office. Its very business quiet. It makes me wanna leave sooner. I really need to work on getting my license. I have just been too lazy with the license situation. I am tired of having to be driven everywhere. I am tired of waiting to get picked up too. But now I need to take a permit test, and I didn’t do so well on that the first time I took it. I didn’t do well on the second time but they passed me anyway. That was very nice of them. But I hate testing at the dmv its so…so…so I don’t know how to say it but it makes me nervous. I hope I do well this next time I take it.


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