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So right now I am sitting in my computer class in school. I was unsure of what I should do, so I decided upon writing a blog post. I am debating whether I should finally type up my “Hey Jude” letter/post. But I am still feeling iffy about it. Tonight I am going to my best friend’s house for a study session type thing. But I am not going to have that much homework so I am bringing some of my projects over to work on. Such as studying french, and such as creating a finished draft of my “Hey Jude” letter. I am worried about how that letter will turn out just a bit, and what I mean by turn out is how I will feel after typing it up and releasing it to the world. Currently I am using last.fm for music because I cannot use my ipod and I am never sure what I would like to play. I am playing my recommended playlist. I love the mix so far. I disabled my facebook for a little while… but I am not sure if that was a good idea. I will probably reactivate it at lunch or something. I can currently leave early at lunch, but today I have a student council meeting. Now this post has taken a turn towards boring. I have had so much I have been thinking about lately… so much going through my mind. But I have songs that help relive those thoughts… and I am not listening to my ipod so therefore I do not have a key to those thoughts. I am now thinking I should start a section on this blog about my dreams. It would be a section where I describe and share my dreams. By dreams I mean my goals, aspirations, daydreams, and dreams I have in my sleep. Additionally I would  have things I hope to achieve. Maybe right now I should write about my regret with that certain guy… which I hope I will get over soon. I just cannot shake it still. I feel really jumpy right now for some strange reason. Maybe I will write a valentine’s day post. That is what I will do.


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