Snakes on a Plane

A lot has been going on. This is my first post via blackberry. So it will be somewhat short. Right now I feel I’m enjoying the simple things, and avoiding the complicated. I chose the song Snakes on a Plane because I have had it with these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane. Just kidding. I really chose it because snakes are a good symbol for all the complications that come across me and the plane because I am going to keep moving forward. In the song it says “so kiss me goodbye, honey I’m gonna make it out alive.” This song speaks to me because it expresses how there are snakes in my path and how I’m ready to move on and get over those snakes. I don’t care what those snakes think of me because they aren’t worth getting upset over. Because I am now ready more than ever to defeat these snakes.


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