So have you ever felt alien? As if you do not fit in where you are at the time? But, you know you will find your place one day, eventually? That is how I have been feeling lately. Alien like. I hate it. I just want to fast-forward through time. Until I hit home. The good kind of home. The one where I feel like I finished my puzzle of search. As of now I am still single. I hate it. But, what do I have to compare to? I have never been in a real relationship. So I guess all I have to compare to is the unknown. Which I am willing to take a risk, a chance. Take a chance on someone. I need someone new in my life. Maybe I have met them before. Talked to them a few times. Maybe I even use to be friends with them. But, I need someone who is Alien to my normal to shake up this pattern. The pattern I am tired of being recycled. I need a new pattern. I am tired of working with this same old cycle. I am always thinking of the new it seems, but I have issues working on applying it. So this week I am going to work on applying what I think up of. I need to start going through with my ideas. That is my homework for myself this week.


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