Starry Eyed

Everyone is “starry eyed,” at least once in their life. To me being starry eyed, is when you are filled with wonder, curiosity, admiration, happiness and spreading a glow towards anything. Right now in my life I feel I am starry eyed. I am not sure now if my above explanation of being starry eyed makes sense, to explain why I am starry eyed. I cannot explain why I am starry eyed, I just don’t know how to describe it with words yet alone at all.

(I wrote the above about a week ago. I wrote the below today September 11th, 2010.)

Today I am feeling starry eyed, in other words hopeful and full of wonder looking toward the future. I am thinking positively about the upcoming days and months. I have a lot happening right now in my life,  a lot of really good things. Its really exciting. I feel my life is piecing together finally after all these years. I feel life is meaningful, and my life is important and not a waste now. Its enjoyable doing simple everyday tasks now, whether I like them or not. I am starting to feel as one with my movements, my breaths, my thoughts and my body. Its great being at some peace with my body for once. I have missed feeling like this. When I am starry eyed, I feel the world is my empty coloring book and I am the art utensils and mind that decides where to color and where not to. I feel I am in control of my life in a good way. Everyone should feel starry eyed in their life, at least that is my opinion.


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