Not the American Average

It is September 11th today. The Anniversary of of the infamous twin tower attacks. The title of my post is a song off of Asking Alexandria’s album Stand Up and Scream, they are an amazing band to watch perform. If you ever get the chance go see them live. Well I chose this song as my title, because I am not your average American or your stereotypical American. There are many of us like me who are not rude, but those very few groups and or people who give us a bad reputation are very small in comparison. But their actions are so horrific it gives us good Americans, a bad reputation. Today we pray over those lost in the 9/11 attacks, and over those who have lost loved onces. We also pray over our soldiers who went abroad to fight a war that I have no opinion over because I am not entirely educated about it, and I do not want to state something that is totally off the wall that I cannot back up. We also pray over those whose lives were lost in the Iraq war.

Many people say they are proud to be an American, but I do not see why we should be proud to be Americans. I love how we have freedoms to practice religion, over speech, and the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. But, I do not know what makes people proud to be an American. I feel we are a avery unorganized country, with no common ground. And if we do have common ground it seems as if its covered and hidden with a mask. But thats just an idea from the eyes and ears of a girl who does not fully look and listen to politics but should.

If you aren’t from America and you are reading this I have a few questions for you:

  1. Do you like Americans? Do you love Americans? or Do you hate Americans?
  2. How would you describe America?
  3. How would you describe an American?
  4. Do you want to be an American? Why? or Why not?
  5. Have you ever had any problems with an American?

I just realized how ironic my post title is. The band is from the UK, and I am using their song to talk about America. It was funnier in my head.

Today the weather is overcast, grey, cloudy, and cold. Just the way I like it. I always feel good physically in this type of weather. I enjoy it, especially when it starts drizzling or raining. Its a tad windy also. I got my hair done yesterday, I hope it does not get wet or messed up. It looks great. Its black (which is normal), and I have an under layer of turquoise. The turquoise this time is brighter and more pigmented and actually looks teal. I start school on monday, I am pretty sure all will go well.

❤ your young american blogger.

check out this song



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  1. hey from down under..i have been browsing through some of your pages and specificly like this the begining i book marked you front page because i saw somthing i liked. this is now my second tip back to see what ellse you had on your site and i just wanted to say that you have done some pritty cool article.. chear mate

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