This is my very first post on this blog. I am not sure how many blogs I have created so far in my lifetime now. But, this is my second official blog. My very first one still exists, but I share that with a very good and dear friend of mine. I also have one more blog in the making, its for my clothing line. My Best friend and I will be writing on that one, in order to document the steps and processes of our clothing line. We have a ton of great and fabulous ideas that you will hopefully love.

I created this blog, due to an epiphany I had a fews ago. I created this blog a day or two after this epiphany. This epiphany has changed my life so far. I am still me, but I feel more mature and that I have had a lot more life experience put on my resumé. I look at everything with a different frame of mind, than what I had before. So far, my life is soo much better than the weeks before. I have been much happier, and I have seen improvements in my mood swings. (I do not have as many, and when I do they are not as severe.)

I am having a hard time blogging the first blog on a new blog. I always do. I never know what to say, and I am trying to refrain from making this an about me post… because that is what the about section is for. Right? Well I felt my old blog was unfit for my new lifestyle/frame of mind. It was too depressing for my life. I am keeping it to remember and learn from the past, and for those times I must be depressing. My new blog, I am going to try to write daily once again. If not daily, at least once or twice a week. I will break up my posts into sections, so far I only have one section, “checkupp.” That is my section for when I am giving you a checkup on my life and what is happening. It shall be the short blogs just to see how everything is going. I have not thought of some of the other sections in detail, but once they come up I will let you know then. My main theme for “my little dove,” is basically my little piece peace, love, and happiness. I hope you enjoy it, comments are welcomed and encouraged. They make me want to write more, and feel like I am writing for a purpose. ❤


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